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Misc Sites
18th Century Reenacting
Buying and Growing Daylilies

Misc sites: Fun and Silly

First Person Tetris
Pandora Radio
WOGL Radio Philadelphia
Looney Tunes Collection
The Human Clock
Human Skateboarding
Amazing Skateboarding Dog
Anagram generator
Geocaching Information Page
Maze Maker
Kaleidoscope Painter
Addictive Soccer Game

Misc sites: Other

Community Wish Book - donate or volunteer in Rochester
Free Calendar Pages
Museum of Online Museums
Historic American Cookbook Project
Musipedia - Look up tunes
Create your Own Blog
Historical Maps of New Jersey
The Free Site
Griffith Morgan House
Old Amusement Parks Info
Abandoned Tunnels on the PA Turnpike
Pennsylvania Turnpike History
Fall Color Reports for New York State
Genesee Valley Handspinners Guild
Metlar's Lane area pictures
Raritan Landing
Raritan Landing Map
Raritan Landing Voices (Metlar's Brook)
Low-Carb Luxury - Recipes, etc.
Click to Donate Free Mammograms
Aches and Pains Weather Map
Historic American Quilts
Royal Bohemian Horseradish
Sights and Sounds of Notre Dame
Jan Vermeer - The Milkmaid
Feed the Hungry for Free

Christian sites:

Peter Kreeft
New Advent Catholic Resources
Catholic Encyclopedia
Summa Theologica
EWTN Radio Schedule
Renewal Ministries
Persecution Project
Liturgy of the Hours
MaterCare - help mothers in the third world
Saints Index
Our Daily Bread
Bible Search Page
The Vatican Home Page
Vatican News
Sacred Space


History and Eighteenth Century Reenacting Sites

History and Eighteenth Century Reenacting: Misc

Yahoo Group - Marksmen & Indian Department
Martha Ballard's Diary
Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies
18th Century Woman Mailing List
Stonework and Restorations
Historic Camden County
Association for Living History
Paintings Index - e.g. Ramsay, Reynolds, Vige-Lebrun, Wright
Paintings Index - e.g. Fragonard, Gainesborough, Hogarth, Horemans, Liotard

Eighteenth Century Reenacting: Fabric and Clothing

Pictures of 18th Century clothing for sale
Delectable Mountain Fabric Store
Genesee Valley Handspinners Guild
Najecki Reproductions
Reconstructing History - 18th century Pennsylvania clothing
Kent State Museum Costumes
Wooded Hamlet - Ribbons and tapes, etc
How to make your own dress form
Handspinning Instructions and Supplies

Eighteenth Century Reenacting: Other Supplies and Equipment

Smoke & Fire Patterns and Equipment
Goosebay Workshops


Daylily Sites

Daylilies: Pictures: Collections

Tranquil Lake Nursery
Abundant Daylilies
Hoot Owl Hollow Daylilies
Tom's Daylilies Picture Collection
Bill's Hemerocallis Page
Jim Costner's Page
Browns Ferry Gardens

Daylilies: Pictures: Individual Varieties

Melon Heart
Tom Wise

Daylilies: General Information and Links:

Lots of Daylily Links
Daylily Webring
Daylily Discussion Forum
Paradise Gardens
Daylily Search Page
AHS Daylily Database and Search Engine
Entire list of Daylily Varieties (A)